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During the first part, you head to your literature club every day, where you and the other members discuss the poems you wrote the night before. You can influence your character’s poem by choosing different thematic words from a list, which will make your verse more appealing to some girls than others. This matters, because character you have the best standing with is the one you spend the most time with. It’s a structure that feels familiar and safe, and you get to spend enough time with the characters to connect with them, and even like some of them.

On the surface, Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel, one that likely follows a dating simulation. This is a psychological horror game that toys with the players. As the deeper you get into the narrative and date the various characters, the more unsettling the game becomes. Best of all, much like the KFC dating simulator we mentioned above, this is also a free game on Steam. If you happen to be a fan of dating sims or want a fuller DDLC story this mod adds +11 hours of additional content, custom music and delivers it’s own messages of patience, trust and acceptance. This mod doesn’t change much until after the Sunday choice, after which you get into deeper backstories of the characters that feature both a good ending and bad ending.

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Well, they created their very own design for an anime-like character! Introducing Saiko, who is sorta meant to be the counterpart to Monika from the source game this episode is named after. I say sort of because about the only similarities are that they are both from dating sims, they want to become real, and have a bit of a streak of jealously, or yandere in anime-speak. Eventually the rest of the cast start telling Boopkins to dump her, and actually does so once he sees her burn down his body pillows. Thus, she forces the Wario bros to help her get revenge, which fails thanks to Mario and Boopkins’ efforts.

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The first act of the game builds some intense and strange if not outright horrific relationships with some of the characters and ends with one of them dying by suicide. It’s an intense shift from a game thatmasquerades as a dating sim and has focused on mundane — even cute — problems. Many pieces of media deliberately break down the wall, with a variety of intended effects in mind. Deadpool breaks it for comedy, and to give the most annoying guys at the comic book convention something to aspire to. The titular protagonist of Fleabag breaks it with conspiratorial glances at the camera, inviting the audience into her inner life and giving you the sense that you’re being allowed to witness something secret and personal. The fourth wall can be broken down to heighten comedy and drama, but it can also be used to ratchet up a sense of dread and danger in horror media.

While Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is definitely the definitive version of the game, the important parts of the experience remain largely the same. Huniepop is one of the games you’ll see pop up quite a bit in recommendation lists and even on Steam for dating simulation games. This is a title that’s part dating sim and part puzzle game. Players follow a protagonist that fails to pick up a girl named Kyu.

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She also deleted Natsuki’s file before the third act and, when having a change of heart before the third act, deletes her own file from the game and restarts it. Immediately after payment, you will be sent a unique and unused CD Key which can be activated on Steam. You can collect this activation code from our Autokey page. Simply enter your code into the Steam client (available free from

It’s (almost) official! New Nintendo Switch on its way in 2020

How anyone can play this game blind nowadays is anyone’s guess, but it is the way it should be played. It’s a shame content creators and the internet in general spoiled the big surprises, but oh well; it was a free VN. I felt Clannad on Switch was worth the price, but hard to justify this one if there is a free version that has most of the content/delivers the “experience” better anyway. It doesn’t sound like the “Plus” content gives much if side stories are that brief at like 5 min a piece.

Fans of tsundere characters would love a chance to date Natsuki. Monika jokingly states she’s the “real-life embodiment of a tsundere.” She may appear harsh and unapproachable, but she’s kinder than people give her credit for. As a result, these multiple warnings about the game’s “ultra dark” content kinda sorta undid what remaining opportunity that there might have been to still feel TRULY blindsided by the game’s various subversions. Just about everyone who can afford a Switch also has a decent PC, and it’s not a big deal for most people to find time to play the game on it.

Navigating through the Doki Doki Literature Club Plus UI is also not quite ideal on the Switch. Say you’re in the middle of reading and want to choose to turn auto-advance on, skip text, or head to the settings. Well, you can’t press a button to start auto or skip or read the history. You have to press the plus or minus key to scroll through the six options in the bottom of the text box. And when you do that, the highlighted option has a small arrow below it and the text turns, you guessed it, pink. It is an unfortunate design choice, and one where some button mapping and additional color choices would have made a big difference.

This game is an interesting one which presents as a common “visual novel” game but in the end presents a totally different approach as the game progress. In the end it feels very mixed with some aspects where the game done well but in other ones it doesn’t. Monika’s character is worked upon the Koko Dating mobile login most, removing her self-aware nature and allowing her to become another dateable character as well. This mod still keeps the issues that all characters have but explores them in a more meaningful manner. This mod is another way to turn Doki Doki Literature Club into a normal visual novel.

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